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Programming With the Mac OS 8.5 Window Manager

Result Codes

The most common result codes that the Mac OS 8.5 Window Manager returns are listed below.

noErr 0 No error
errInvalidWindowPtr -5600 Invalid window pointer
errUnsupportedWindowAttributesForClass -5601 Attribute bits are inappropriate for the specified window class
errWindowDoesNotHaveProxy -5602 No proxy attached to window
errInvalidWindowProperty -5603 'appl' creator code not allowed
errWindowPropertyNotFound -5604 Specified property does not exist
errUnrecognizedWindowClass -5605 Unknown window class
errCorruptWindowDescription -5606 Incorrect size or version supplied in the BasicWindowDescription structure
errUserWantsToDragWindow -5607 Entire window is being dragged, not proxy icon
errWindowsAlreadyInitialized -5608 Called InitFloatingWindows twice, or called InitWindows and then InitFloatingWindows
errFloatingWindowsNotInitialized -5609 Called HideFloatingWindows or ShowFloatingWindows without calling InitFloatingWindows

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