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Mac OS 8 and 9 Developer Documentation

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Carbon Human Interface Toolbox Text & International Services

Documentation on programming with Carbon — those APIs that you can use to write Mac OS X applications that also run on previous versions of the Mac OS (8.1 or later).

Appearance Manager
Control Manager
Dialog Manager
Human Interface Guidelines
Icon Services and Utilities
List Manager
Menu Manager
Window Manager

Apple Type Services for Unicode
Imaging (ATSUI)

ATS Types
Date, Time, and Measurement Utilities
Dictionary Manager
Font Manager
Keyboard and International Resources
Multilingual Text Engine
QuickDraw Text
Script Manager
Text Encoding Conversion Manager
Text Services Manager
Text Utilities
Unicode Utilities
Files Multimedia and Graphics
Alias Manager
Disk Initialization Manager
File Manager
Finder Interface
Folder Manager
Navigation Services
Resource Manager
Translation Manager
Apple Game Sprockets
Color Picker Manager
ColorSync Manager
Cursor Utilities

Display Manager
HTML Rendering Library
Offscreen Graphics Worlds

Palette Manager
Picture Utilities
Printing Manager

Sound Manager
Speech Manager

Speech Recognition Manager

Help Systems Interprogram Communications
Apple Guide
Apple Help
Help Manager
Apple Event Manager
AppleScript Scripting Language
Drag Manager
Edition Manager
PPC Toolbox
Scrap Manager
Networking & Communications Development Tools Operating System Services
Communications Toolbox
Network Services Location (NSL)

Network Setup
Open Transport
URL Access Manager
Macintosh Programmer's Workshop

Event Manager
Gestalt Manager
Memory Management Utilities
Memory Manager
Multiprocessing Services
Notification Manager
Process Manager
Queue Utilities
Shutdown Manager
Start Manager
System Error Handler
Thread Manager
Time Manager
Vertical Retrace Manager
Virtual Memory Manager
Utilities Search Technologies
Collection Manager
Control Panels
Control Strip Services
Location Manager
Mathematical and Logical Utilities
Power PC Numerics

Apple Information Access Toolkit

Find By Content / Sherlock
Runtime Services Legacy Services Device Managers and Drivers
Code Fragment Manager
Component Manager
Exception Manager
Mixed Mode Manager
Package Manager
Segment Manager
Trap Manager
A list of archived documentation about superseded or unsupported technologies Documentation on device and driver technology
Intro to Mac OS Programming
Information on how to get started programming with the Mac OS
Legacy Java
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