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Internet and web technologies are the resources that support web browsing and client and server applications. Developers can use these technologies to display web content, and they can use web services in their applications. With WebObjects, developers can create database-driven websites and web services. Developers have access to Java technologies and to low-level APIs for handling XML and URLs. Developers can also develop web content using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

A guided introduction and learning path to developing for web and Internet.   Essential information for developers working with web and Internet.   Objective-C references organized by framework.
Internet & Web Topics
Resources for using Internet-aware applications and web services from AppleScript.   C APIs for developing web content and Internet and web applications.   Object-oriented APIs for developing web content and Internet and web applications.

C APIs for handling URL strings and parsing Internet-based XML documents.   Resources for creating Internet and web applications, services, or content.   Scripting resources for web content and applications, and for website administration.

Authentication, authorization, and cryptographic services of interest to web developers.   Object-oriented APIs and tools for syncing using Sync Services.   Files transmitted by web applications and displayed by desktop applications.

Tools and object-oriented APIs for creating and deploying web applications.    

View legacy technologies, including technologies, features, products, APIs, and programming techniques that are no longer supported or have been superseded.