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Getting Support

Apple strives to provide high-quality technical support to all developers. Apple delivers free technical resources such as Technical Notes, Technical Q&As, sample code, and technical publications on the Developer Connection web site.

For developers who need one-to-one engineering support, Worldwide Developer Technical Support (WWDTS) provides development-level technical support around the globe. Members of Apple’s Developer Connection Select and Premier Programs receive some technical support incidents bundled with their membership, but may enhance their program membership by purchasing additional incidents.

Apple developers around the world who are not members of a fee-based membership program also have the ability to purchase technical support incidents individually or in packs of ten, twenty-five, and fifty.

Once you have technical support incidents in your ADC account, send your technical support email to Make sure you are familiar with our Technical Support Policies and Email Guidelines before sending in your email.

If you do not have technical support incidents, you need to purchase Technical Support to work directly with one of Apple’s WWDTS engineers by visiting the ADC Member Site. Once you have registered, you can click the Purchase button and make your selections.

Below are the Technical Support options and pricing information:

Support Package Cost
Single Incident US$195
10 Incident Pack US$1900
25 Incident Pack US$4625
50 Incident Pack US$9000