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Practical help tailored to your development need

When you request ADC support, rest assured that you’ll be assigned an engineer with subject matter expertise for your specific issue. DTS engineers can provide you with practical, insightful assistance on almost any development topic — from Accessibility to Zerolink. What’s more, they are always eager to help you incorporate the latest Mac OS X technology innovations to give your application a competitive edge or to assist you with major Apple initiatives like the transition to Intel-based Macs.

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Getting code-level support is as easy as sending an email

The Technical Support Incidents bundled with ADC Select and Premier memberships, or purchased individually, entitle members to development level support. Just follow the guidelines below to submit a request for technical support from one of our engineers.

Send an email to that includes:

  • Your name, e-mail address, phone number, company name, and issue request number (if referring or responding to an open issue)
  • A full description of the problem/question, including actions you’ve already taken to solve the problem or extra conditions to consider (e.g. only fails on specific hardware, only interested in the education market, etc.)
  • For crashes/bugs, please include full configuration information from the Apple System Profiler. Also retrieve and store crash information in a text file with your e-mail.
  • An attachment with a sample project or source code demonstrating the problem if appropriate

You’ll typically get an initial response from one of our engineers within three business days and they will continue to work with you to resolution of your issue.

For more details, please see our Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions.