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The Worldwide Developer Technical Support group (WWDTS) provides development-level support to Apple developers who have enrolled in Apple’s developer programs which include technical support or who have purchased technical support incidents separately. Development-level technical support means that WWDTS will answer questions about the code you are writing or the hardware that you are designing.

All development-level technical support for Apple’s WWDTS group is handled via electronic mail. Once you have purchased technical support incidents or joined a membership program bundled with technical support incidents, send your request, via e-mail, to WWDTS will make every effort to provide an initial response to an incident inquiry within three business days.

  • A technical support incident is defined as a single, discrete problem, i.e. a single technical issue that cannot be subdivided into different issues.
  • Technical support is provided in English and Japanese only.
  • Technical support is provided via email only.
  • WWDTS does not provide user-level up-and-running assistance for Apple software or Apple computers. If you need help installing, using or updating Apple software or need help getting your Apple Computer set up or serviced, please refer to the Customer Support options.
  • If you have questions about technical support that are not answered in this page, please consult our Technical Support Frequently Asked Questions page.

For more details on our support policy, you may view the ADC Terms and Conditions.