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Macintosh Programmer's Workshop (MPW) is a product designed specifically for professional Macintosh software developers. It brings together a comprehensive collection of development tools designed to support C, C++, and assembly-language programmers who are writing software for Mac OS 7.x/8.x/9.x. MPW is an open, configurable, and scriptable development environment which provides the flexibility to support complex software development projects for 68K and Power Macintosh systems.

Download MPW
A complete, fully configured MPW environment is available for downloading from the Apple Developer FTP site. The FTP site contains the same software and documentation as the "Tool Chest:Development Kits:MPW etc." folder on the August 2001 Developer CD. Detailed instructions for downloading and installing MPW are provided in the ReadMe file. See the MPW FAQ for answers to frequently asked questions about MPW.

Updated MPW Components
MPW components that have been updated since the August 2001 Developer CD was finalized can be downloaded from the updates page.

MPW and Mac OS 8.5 (or later)
If you intend to use MPW with Mac OS 8.5 or later, please read these important notes.

MPW Command Reference
The MPW Command Reference manual has been updated to reflect the contents of the MPW-GM folder on the August 2001 Developer CD. The manual is in HTML format and is available online.

The MPW FAQ has the answers to over 40 MPW-related questions.

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