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WWDC 2004 Pre-Conference Workshops

A “Special Bonus”, Exclusively for WWDC Attendees

Apple is pleased to give WWDC attendees the opportunity, at no extra cost, to attend any of several pre-conference hands-on workshops held onsite at Moscone West on Sunday, June 27. These special workshops will be conducted by Apple engineers and third-party experts and each will run for either 4 or 8 hours, depending on curriculum.

Technical concepts will be presented and attendees will learn using sample code and tutorial materials provided by Apple for uploading. Workshop attendees will need to bring their own Macintosh portable. Apple’s technical staff will be available to answer questions and help with coding issues.

Workshop seating is limited and registration is first-come, first-served, so sign up for one (or two) of these in-depth workshops today. You must have a WWDC E-ticket before registering for these pre-conference workshops.

Cocoa Programming - Sunday, June 27, Full-day workshop

Discover Cocoa, Apple’s advanced object-oriented framework for high productivity and rapid development of full-featured Mac OS X applications. The day will start with an introduction to the Objective-C language, Interface Builder and other Xcode Tools, and the design techniques used in Cocoa development. Common design patterns will be discussed, with practical examples of how these patterns are used in the Cocoa frameworks. After covering these basics, we’ll discuss many of the advanced features of the Cocoa frameworks, explaining how these features can save development time on complex projects.

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AppleScript Hands-On - Sunday, June 27, Morning workshop

Learn how to use the power of AppleScript. This session will start with basic concepts, then move quickly to topics like scripting of multiple application workflows and creating AppleScript Studio applications. Our panel of AppleScript experts will provide clear guidance and step-by-step instructions. Ideal for those with some prior AppleScript experience, but also appropriate for beginners.

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Carbon Programming - Sunday, June 27, Morning workshop

Carbon is a set of APIs for C/C++ developers to create full-featured, high-performance, highly reliable applications for Mac OS X. You will learn, step-by-step, how to create a Carbon application that uses the latest Mac OS X features: HIView, a real view system; Carbon Events, the event manager; and HIToolbox, the advanced widget set. Using Xcode and Interface Builder, you will explore the most up to date techniques for creating state of the art applications for the platform.

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The Unix Connection with Mac OS X - Sunday, June 27, Afternoon workshop

Learn how to create Unix-based applications that take full advantage—through Carbon and Cocoa—of the rich user experience and interface capabilities of Mac OS X. You’ll also learn how to use the wide variety of Unix services available on Mac OS X to develop and enhance Carbon, Cocoa, and Java applications.

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Effective Debugging and Optimization of Mac OS X Code - Sunday, June 27, Afternoon workshop

Discover how to use the powerful tools available on Mac OS X to debug code and optimize the performance of your applications. Learn to use the debugging and performance tuning tools to create a superior customer experience that takes full advantage of the PowerPC G5 processor, Velocity Engine, and more.

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