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Nils' Programming Attic

This is a collection of some stuff that I have written in the past. Most of it has not been touched in years. Quality ranges from "hackish" to "mature". Addresses and email addresses in the packages are probably obsolete. Please use the one at the bottom of this page instead.

All packages on this page are provided under the terms of the don't worry, be happy license.

Much of the documentation in the below archives is in "structured document" (SD) format. You can view those documents using any ASCII editor or browser, but to make best use of it, you should use either the txhelp tool from the T3X distribution or the SD toolkit.

Package Size Contents Description
3s.tgz ~40KB sources(T3X), DOS binaries A Simplicistic Sokoban Surrogate: text-mode Sokoban clone with color, infinite undo, etc
btn11-0.9.tgz ~20KB sources(C) A simple cross assembler for the PDP-11: creates absolute binaries for various models of the PDP-11
htlint.t.gz ~5KB sources(T3X) An HTML syntax and link checker: small, fast, and easy to extend.
Warning: large file!
~210KB sources(SOL) Hyperlinked SOL-86 kernel source code; see the sol-86 archive below for tools used to create this file.
m4th-1.4.zip ~150KB sources(8086 assembly, Forth), DOS binaries My fourth attempt to write someting Forth-like: an ancient oddball Forth for the PC.
mcu-2.2.tgz ~15KB sources(C) A mini cu(1) for the Coherent OS: Coherent had only Kermit, so I wrote this thingy.
mexprc-2004.tgz ~8KB sources(LISP) The MEXPRC compiler source code from Symbolic Computing; written in an obsolete version of ArrowLISP.
nbwm-1.25.tgz ~150KB sources(C) Nils' Boring Window Manager: a stripped-down (sic!) version of FVWM-1.24r. Yes, I still use it! :-)
node-3.4.tgz ~80KB sources(T3X), DOS binaries Nils' own Database (or something like that): a tiny, easy to use text-mode database. With report generator!
pstk.scm.gz ~8KB sources(Scheme) A Portable Scheme Interface to Tk: embeds the Tk GUI tooklkit seemlessly into a variety of different R5RS Scheme systems.
sd.tgz ~24KB sources(Scheme,T3X) A Structured Document Format and its Tools: CGI-based SD Content Management System, SD reformatter, SD->HTML converter.
sketchy-20070521.tar.gz ~183KB sources(C,Scheme) An Interpreter for Purely Applicative Scheme: small, embeddable interpreter, libraries, documentation, example programs.
sol-11-0.5.tgz ~50KB sources(BTN-11,SOL) A small language and OS for the PDP-11: Basically a stand-alone FORTH system for the 11.
sol86-0.7.2.tgz ~60KB sources(SOL), DOS binaries, boot disk A small language and OS for 8086-based PC clones: A stand-alone FORTH system for PCs.
t3r3-1999.tgz ~60KB sources(8086 assembly,T3,C), DOS binaries An ancient version of T3X, a language that I have invented and maintained for about 10 years.
t3x-815.tar.gz ~442KB sources(T3X,80x86 assembly,C), DOS binaries A Minimum Procedural Language: a compiler for a small, portable, procedural, block-structured, recursive, almost typeless, and to some degree object-oriented language.
tide-320.tar.gz ~56KB sources(T3X) Tool classes for T3X: text editing, vector graphics, misc. text-based user interface widgets, configuration, memory management, etc.
tse-20070609.tgz ~60KB sources(T3X), DOS binaries A Tiny Scheme Editor: full-screen text editor with some Scheme support (paren matching, eval block, etc).
tu58sim-0.2.tgz ~10KB sources(C) A simulator for DEC TU58 tape drives: written for an old version of BSD. May require some tweaking.
vvt-0.9.tgz ~40KB sources(8086 assembly,C), DOS binaries Virtual Video Terminal: a DEC VT-102 Emulator for DOS and Unix.

Copyright (C) 2008 Nils M Holm < nmh @ t3x . org >